Saturday, May 28, 2011

Craftsvilla for you crafty folks

Today I am going to introduce you to an online handicarfts store, appropriately name craftsvilla. This is what they have to say about themselves:
We are a young company with a passion and love for our roots. We believe in traditions that hold us and nourish our mind, body and soul. In our endeavour to further our love for traditions, we embarked on this journey, Craftsvilla, where we take you to a new world in the past, where handcrafted and greencrafted (organic) products were just a way of life and not just a fashion statement. We have surely added colours of future to it to suit all generations. Our vision is to create a strong Indian global brand in handicraft space which showcases true colors of Indian culture and are embraced by people of all ages, religion and regions. We are dedicted to providing you with high quality genuine handcrafted products directly from its base and provide fair wages to the artisans.We design, produce, market and sell our own products apart from selling other premium brands. We use best raw material available, minimize use of chemicals, prefer to use natural dyes and make sure that each product is quality checked multiple times. You be rest assured that great effort has been put by our team to make sure the product you get meets your expectations.

We are also dedicated to support social cause for the upliftment of artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen who have preserved our rich and diverse heritage and are now finding it difficult to sustain it. Lets join hands for this cause. Customer delight is our motto. We thrive for excellence in whatever we do. Please do write to me directly if you have any feedback, questions, concerns, suggestions or frustrations.
Do read the description, because it will give you a pretty good idea of the values and objectives of craftsvilla. Their "dedicated to support social cause for the upliftment of artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen who have preserved our rich and diverse heritage and are now finding it difficult to sustain it" tempted me to check out their entire site, one product at a time. I should warn you in advance, once you have visited their site, you will not be able to leave without making a purchase. That shouldn't be much of a problem because their prices are amazing too. You can get some of the most gorgeous items for less than 1K. Sounds hard to believe, doesn't it? A grand is peanuts for the exclusive, unique item you will get. There are so many products I'd love to show you, but I am going to stick to posting the products on my wish-list.

Look at the beautiful mirror work on this bag.

Pair this with a solid-colored kurta and patiala, a pair of chunky metal earrings, kohl-lined eyes, loads of sunscreen (a must!!) and I am good to go this summer.

This dress, worn with strappy sandals would be perfect for a day out in the summer heat.

This is one thing I am never gonna buy. If I have something this delicious looking lying in my washroom cabinet, I am sure I would be tempted to eat it. I am a sucker for anything fruity.

You should visit their facebook page where they regularly post updates and answer all queries and requests. Their customer service is so prompt with the replies, it's almost unbelievable. I have had first hand experience with that. Haven't I raved on for too long now? Time for you to go check the awesome-ness yourself.
PS- Did I tell you they do free shipping?

I have many more online shopping posts lined up for my lovely readers. Don't forget to check back in a few days.

drops of heaven

It's been a long time. It's almost been a year and a half since I last posted. Things have changed, life has dealt me some pretty random cards but my love for everything handmade is still going strong. My etsy-love still remains, though some of it is being replaced by handmade products from India. Whenever I visit a city, I make sure I pick a few pieces crafted by the local artisans. That way, not only do I get to pick up a unique piece, I also save a lot on shipping costs and end up helping, in my own humble capacity, these local comminities of uber-talented workers.

Now, I am back to introduce you to many more such awesome hand-crafted lovelies from the internet. But this time, I am not going to restrict my posts to etsy. There are many more great store out there in the virtual world, and they deserve to be shopped at!

For starters, we are going to stick to etsy for this one post because there are so many beautiful earring I want to show you. I have developed a thing for metal earrings and I want to share some of these beauties with you.

From here.

From here.
From here.
From here.
I hope you guys like these!