Monday, October 26, 2009


Let's introduce you to Hanging Heads - an incredibly unique and colorful new shop on etsy.

In their own words-
I began making sugar skulls about three years ago to give to family and friends and to sell at craft fairs. Having lived my entire life in the American Southwest, i find a lot of inspiration in American Indian beading and weaving designs, and from the color and flamboyance of the Mexican-Chicano culture out of which sugar skulls (also known as calaveras) are based. I decided to open my very own etsy shop after hearing from other sellers about how fun the atmosphere is. I've not been disappointed! Currently my shop only carries sugar skull ornaments, but i'm working on a line of skull-and-crossbones ornaments, shrunken head ornaments, and sugar skull accessories. my skulls are all one-of-a-kind and i never use a pattern or the same design twice. My skulls make great gifts, party favors, ornaments (of course), gifts for hosts, halloween handouts, or keychains.

I adore bringing into being the quirky and the curious, be it through yarn, charcoal, felt, clay, or any other medium i can get my little paws on. My creations tend to reflect the color and imagination i encounter in daily life, as well as in my own head. "

or go for the Grab Pack .


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