Tuesday, August 11, 2009

15 pieces of Flair

Today we have, 15 Pieces of Flair- a colorful little shop on etsy. Check it out here.
In her own words-

"  15 Pieces of Flair features home sewn items to add flair to your everyday life. My first items created to list on Etsy were hand towels with felt appliques that I designed myself. These have proven to be one of my top sellers. I have added other items throughout the months including aprons, mixer covers, and other decorative items for the house. I love to come up with new designs. I adore shopping for new and fun fabrics. I thoroughly enjoy the entire process of crafting. I have done a few custom orders and have really had a great time working closely with customers to create just what they need. The best words to describe my shop are funky whimsy. I am planning on expanding on my current product lines in coming months to include even more designs and additional items.  "

She has a nice collection of Bath stuff here.

Don't miss the Seasonal Section.


  1. Thanks so much! What a fantastic feature!

  2. Those feathery hand towels are too much - I don't know if I could bear to use them, but they're awesome!


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