Saturday, August 8, 2009

Your Green Home

Meet Your Green Home- an eco-friendly shop on etsy. Check it out here.
In her own words-

Hello and welcome to Your Green Home. We believe that your home should be as stylish and beautiful as it can possibly be, and we also think that having a clean, green environment is pretty damned important too. To that end we set out to make home wares that have as little environmental impact as possible, that are made to last forever but do not compromise in any way on look and style. What fun is being green if it has to be ugly?

All of the fabrics that we use are sourced from local charity and thrift stores, from clothes that would have been thrown away or sold as rags because they were damaged. Because of this, every item that we produce is unique and cannot be replicated. It is yours and yours alone!

I also sell girly stuff at and am working on a site to sell neck ties from (just need to find a model).

Thank you so much for your interest! "

Some more wonderful stuff here.

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