Saturday, August 8, 2009

ViDa Jewelry Designs

Today we introduce ViDa Jewelry Designs- An etsy shop full of little gems and wonders. Check her out here.
In her own words-

ViDa Jewelry Designs offers distinct designs handcrafted with care. There are varying styles in my designs made to complement each person's unique personality. I create pieces that are adaptable to a woman's versatile styles.

As a designer, I don't have one particular style of jewelry I prefer- many times it depends on the occasion, the outfit, or just my mood that day; thus, the reason I create such diverse pieces. Sometimes women want something simple and classy and other times they want big and chunky- whatever the piece may be, they all will add that touch of pop to any outfit! "

They also carry a wonderful range of earrings. Find one to suit your personality here.

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